I'm Looking for New Opportunities

After six years at Mapgears, I’ve recently decided to quit my job. Mapgears has been my first and only job in computer science. It is the best company so far that I could have expected to begin my career. I have had the chance to learn a lot in geospatial and opensource software development during all these years, especially with the MapServer/OSGeo team. The experience of Daniel (Mapgears President) with his team and all the OSGeo developers I worked with is simply invaluable.

I will not elaborate on the reasons of my decision, but being in the consulting world since I were a student, I beleive it’s time for me to explore something different. I am in very good terms with Mapgears and will be glad to help with the transition. The team is awesome and we are going to collaborate to not affect any clients and projects.

I will be actively looking for new opportunities in the following weeks. My resume is available if you want further information on my background and are looking for a senior software developer.